Forest Spirituality with Julie Brett

Under a Pagan Sky documentary with Helen Browning

June 24, 2021

This episode is an interview with Helen Browning, the director of the one hour documentary 'Under a Pagan Sky' that is also being shown as a 30minute version by Compass on the ABC as 'Pagans Down Under'. We chat about the documentary, the process of making it, Helen's inspirations and how it all came about and came together. 

If you're in Australia you can watch the Compass episode on ABC iView until July 20th. It is also re-showing on Sunday 27th June at 6:30pm on ABC TV. 

International friends can find out more about when it is coming your way by following the documentary on Facebook here:

If you'd like to see it at a film festival in Australia you can find out about that there. If you'd like to organise a screening at your local independent cinema, you can contact Helen about that via the Facebook page above. 

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