E24: Deepsea Lights

January 31, 2018

In this podcast I have an interview with Gemma and Joe from Deepsea Lights. We talk about how spirituality - or strugles with it - comes into their music making, how Awen and ritual practices help them to get inspired and what their processes are like for creating music. I found it really interesting to hear about their journeys and to listen to their very modern take on what subtley pagan music might be like. I hope you enjoy it!

Also in the intro is some information about DDUNG, the Druids Down Under National Gathering, happening on 2nd-5th March. Only a few weeks away now! You can book tickets and find out more at:


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Julie x


E23: Oracle Walking

November 14, 2017

In this episode I talk about Oracle Walking and the practice of augury (divination through interpreting signs and omens). Learn how to take a question about your life out for a walk in nature to recieve guidance and messages from spirit.



Australian Druidry: Connecting with the Sacred Landscape, by Julie Brett.

The Druids Down Under National Gathering: 2-5th March 2018. Details at http://www.gsevents.org.au/ddung

Animal Dreaming Oracle Cards and also the book by the same name are by Scott Alexander King

Australian Wildflower Reading Cards are by Cheralyn Darcey

Other symbolism resources include the Druid Animal Oracle, and the Druid Plant Oracle by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm. 




E22: Tom Byrom and The Three Ancestors

August 24, 2017

Upcoming Events:

15-17th September Australian Wiccan Conference

14th October Gliding Seal's Beltaine Event www.gsevents.org.au

2-5th March 2018 Druids Down Under National Gathering (DDUNG) Sydney. www.gsevents.org.au/ddung/

10-14th August 2018 in Adelaide OBOD Assembly www.druidry.org 

Janurary 2019 in New Zealand OBOD Assembly 


In this episode I have a chat with my good friend Tom Byrom about The Three Ancestors and our journey with this idea. 


E21: Oli and Permaculture

May 16, 2017

In this episode I have a chat with my friend Oliver Kristevic who has been travelling in Canada working on permaculture and eco communities. He chats about community governance and the need for permanent culture as well as permanent agriculture. 

Some links from the talk:



Permaculture in Australia: https://permacultureaustralia.org.au/ 


Links for my events:

The English Ale: www.theenglishale.org/ 

Australian OBOD Assembly: www.australiandruidry.org/

Australian Wiccan Conference (AWC): www.awc2017.com/

Druids Down Under National Gathering (DDUNG): www.gsevents.org.au/ddung 


Find out more about what I do and where to buy my new book Australian Druidry at www.juliebrett.net 


E20: Kirsten and feminism chats

March 22, 2017

In this podcast I talk to my friend Kirsten Barnett Brown about the places where femininsm and Paganism intersect. We touch on the reclaiming tradition that we're both beginning to explore, Starhawk and her work, role models for young women, Red Tents, menstruation, gardening and activism. It's a fun chatty talk about the things we are passionate about. Some references:

'Women in Celtic Myth' by Moyra Caldecott

'Anastasia' by Vladimir Megré 


'Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls' by Elena Favilli and Fransesca Favallo

'The Fifth Sacred Thing' and 'The Spiral Dance' by Starhawk

Find out more about Starhawk at www.starhawk.org

Find out more about the Samhain event at www.gsevents.org.au 



E19: Book, Events, Peace and Radio interview

March 3, 2017

In this episode I let you know some of my upcoming news:

Tonight I have The Peace Market on my facebook jewelry page www.facebook/ForestSpiritJewelry

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Excitingly I've sold the first 200 copies of my new book Australian Druidry in the last two months. Thank you all! <3 

If you'd like a copy you can get it at my website www.forestspiritjewelry.com

I'm going to be at lots of events this year. Samhain with Gliding Seal Events will be on 21-23 April and you can get tickets at www.gsevents.org.au

I'll also be in South Australia for The English Ale in Mylor and presenting at The Druids of Oz talk which is $10. Find out more about the Ale at http://www.theenglishale.org/ and more about The Druids of Oz at  https://www.facebook.com/events/375484595970895 It's a great day out!

I also have an interview to share with you. I was on Radio Blue Mountains with Julie Ankers for her show Love What You Do. It was so great to be able to share ideas and some of my favourite songs too.



E18: Sustainable living with Lisa

February 7, 2017

In this episode I give you a bit of a catch up with what I've been up to, and share a chat with you about some tips and tricks me and my friend Lisa use to live more sustainably. Just a friendly chat we had that was worth recording! Lisa also creates lovely handmade soaps and other cleaning products. You can find Lisa's soaps on facebook at: 


My book Australian Druidry is out now on pre-release only via my website:


Find out more about events I have coming up and more about Australian Druidry and my circles with Druids Down Under at:


The coconut scourers we mention are made by Safix. You can get them at many eco stores online. 

Gliding Seal Events are actually at: www.gsevents.org.au/
I think I got that wrong in the intro!

Find out more about the English Ale event at:



E17: Maypoles and Myths - Sydney Beltaine Event 2016

July 29, 2016

In this episode I have a chat with Kristie, Pablo and Ben with whom I am helping organise the Gliding Seal Beltaine event in Sydney. It's going to be held on 14th to 16th October in Pennant Hills. It's not for profit and is run entirely by volunteers. We do it for the love. So it's really affordable! $140 for adults for two nights accommodation, food, feast, and all the activities. Get $10 off with an early bird ticket if you order yours before 30th July 2016. Not long to go! Find out all the details and get your tickets at:


I'm going to have a market on the Sunday. You can come for the whole weekend, just a day or just the market. There are lots of options.
I hope you enjoy this chat about what the event means to us and what you can expect. A great experience for adults and kids alike. 

E16: Amanda and Cassie and Living on Country

July 8, 2016

In this episode I chat with Amanda and Cassie who have been living in an Indigneous Community in a remote area of the Northern Territory of Australia. They talk about their experiences working with the local community, and what they have learned about the local culture and land. Amanda shares an interest in Druidry so we talk about that and how her practice has been changed and influenced working in a very different place to what she's been used to before. It's early days in their journey and I'm sure we'll hear from them again further along to hear about the development of the experience. It was great to get a snapshot of the experience.


E15: SkepticalDruid and Australia vs Canada

June 28, 2016

In this episode I have a chat with my Instagram friend @SkepticalDruid. He's still "in the broom closet" as in he's prefering to remain anonymous about his Pagan path right now, so he's just going by SkepticalDruid in this podcast. He's new to Druidry and has started documenting his experience in Podcasts and Vlogs on You Tube. I think it's fascinating to hear about people's journeys in other parts of the world as we look into Druidry and nature spirituality, so that's what this one is all about. I hope you enjoy it!

Find out more about my Australian Druidry work at http://druidsdownunder.blogspot.com.au or on the Druids Down Under facebook page. You can also find my jewelry work at www.forestspiritjewelry.com