Forest Spirituality with Julie Brett

Uncle Peter Williams Interview

April 5, 2022

In this episode I speak with Uncle Peter Williams of Ngemba Country in NSW. He is a senior song person and contributed to a chapter in my new book Belonging to the Earth. We chat about how he got into learning about traditional song and dance practices, the area he's from around Brewarrina, the River Tour, and his dreams to set up a cultural center. If you'd like to know more about Uncle Peter's work, you can find him on Facebook via his artist page Mara Mara:

Belonging to the Earth is about ways that the nature spirituality community is responding to the threat of the climate crisis. One important way is through learning more about First Nations culture and how we can better care for the Earth together.

A signed copy of the book along with art postcards - one of which features Uncle Peter's art - are available to purchase via my jewelry website:

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